Bespoke Design

We recognised that the ability to produce completely bespoke designs gave us the opportunity to provide clients with solutions to problems that could previously not be solved by standard solutions. We design, manufacture & fit-out all our acoustic solutions in-house at our 2 large manufacturing facilities in Yorkshire, UK. This allows us to possess and expand on the expertise and flexibility required to accommodate enclosures of all shapes and sizes to suit even the most restrictive footprints and airflow requirements, whilst upholding our strong commitments towards the safety of ADE Power employees & all parties involved in a project. Whether that means a prefabricated modular solution to be assembled on site, roof or side mounted inlet or outlet attenuators or a low-profile recessed box-type silencer within the roof to reduce the overall height, our expert design team are on-hand to find a solution that meets your requirements.

Acoustic Enclosure/Container Bespoke Design Acoustic Enclosure/Container Bespoke Design Acoustic Enclosure/Container Bespoke Design Acoustic Enclosure/Container Bespoke Design

Acoustic Enclosures for Various Applications

Our acoustic enclosures can be specifically designed & manufactured to reduce the environmental noise impacts of numerous types of equipment including:

Generator Sets


Industrial Machinery

ADE Quality Assurance ADE Quality Assurance ADE Quality Assurance ADE Quality Assurance

Quality Assured

Every single one of our acoustic housings is built within an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Quality Management System and manufactured using high quality steel & materials from highly reputable & respected suppliers within a factory accredited to ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety. If required, the enclosures can be supplied with CE/UKCA marking to BS EN 1090 up to execution class 2 for steel structures as well as an NICEIC (Electrical Safety) certificate if required, and our installation electricians work to BS 7671 installation standards.

Noise Attenuation

As well as a need to develop more flexible spatial configurations, there is an ever-growing need to continually improve the noise reduction capabilities of generator housings. In the past, an acceptable noise level was around 80-85 dB(A) at a distance of 1 metre from the enclosure, but as regulations & attenuation techniques have progressed around the world, a standard UK project is now approximately 10 dB(A) quieter than that, and often as low as 60 dB(A) at 1 metre when required - that's about as loud as a normal conversation between two people. With noise levels required on projects getting lower and lower, we have continued to meet client's requirements - no matter where in the world the final location of the equipment is - through innovation from our in-house design team that perform all the calculations required to develop new build methods to absorb noise across all octave bands and meet even the quietest of specifications.

Bespoke Containerised Solutions

However, not all projects have a requirement for a complete bespoke solution manufactured from the ground up, open generators (mostly up to 1700 kVA) can be comfortably housed and suitably attenuated in a standard 10, 20, 30 or 40-foot ISO container. All the same options & extras that are available for our bespoke-built enclosures can also be fitted to a containerised solution. Enclosures built from ISO containers also come with their own range of benefits for your project:

Cost Efficient

More cost-efficient compared with complete bespoke-built housings.


Easier and more cost-efficient in comparison to load, transport & unload.

Acoustic & Ventilation Features
Electrical Equipment & Enclosure Fit-Out

To meet the requirements of electrical contractors and aid installation on-site, external cable link boxes or special gland arrangements can be provided on both bespoke-built & containerised solutions to facilitate the connection of incoming armoured cables. All small light and power systems within an enclosure can be supplied & fitted by our highly qualified electrical team, working to BS 7671 installation standards. This includes: lighting with emergency battery backup, sockets and switches, distribution boards, heaters, fans, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, fire detection panels, and intruder alarms.

Electrical fit-out services can also be provided for the installation of outsourced or free-issued major components including: form 4 switchboards, distribution transformers and power conditioning equipment including associated containment protection systems and switchgear.

We can also provide generator enclosures and containers for the oil and gas market, and have a good understanding of the additional requirements that come with operating in these complex locations/environments.

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