4 Cummins 2750 kVA Emergency Standby Packaged Diesel Generators for a Data Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands

4 Emergency Standby 2750 kVA Data Centre Diesel Generators

These 4 Bespoke Designed & Manufactured Acoustic Enclosures housing 2750 kVA Cummins QSK60 Diesel Generators were transported by road & sea to the Netherlands.

The 11,000 kVA worth of diesel generators now provide mission-critical emergency standby power to a large data centre facility in Amsterdam, forming a key part of its disaster avoidance/recovery systems.

Acoustic Enclosures 2750 kVA Cummins

Amsterdam Data Centre Emergency Standby Diesel Generators

Power Assurance: The Backbone of Data Centre Resilience

In the ever-evolving world of data storage, management & processing, the installation of robust emergency standby power systems has transitioned from being merely beneficial to becoming an indispensable cornerstone of 21st century data centres. The data landscape operates on a 24/7 basis, with data centres serving as the nerve centres of global information exchange. In this context, any disruption in power supply can have cascading & possibly catastrophic effects, leading to potential data loss, downtime, and financial repercussions. Therefore, the integration of backup power systems is not just a strategic choice but a vital requirement to ensure the reliability and continuity of data operations.

This serves as yet another ADE Power data centre project that underscores the critical nature of a continuous electricity supply. With a cumulative capacity of 11,000 kVA (8,800 kW), these generators stand as sentinels, ready to seamlessly take over in the event of power grid failures or unforeseen outages. The bespoke design and manufacturing of the complete acoustic package ensured they aligned precisely with the specific needs of the client, offering not just power but a tailored solution that integrated directly into the existing infrastructure.

In the digital age, where downtime translates to revenue loss and compromised services, emergency power serves as the linchpin in disaster avoidance and recovery plans. Whether caused by natural disasters, grid failures, or other unforeseen events, these power systems guarantee uninterrupted operations, allowing data centres to fulfill their mission-critical functions without interruption. In essence, they form the backbone of data center resilience, providing the assurance that, even in the face of adversity, data integrity and operational continuity remain unwavering.

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