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Mission-critical data centre emergency standby power generation/distribution solutions

In the 21st century where the majority of the world's critical systems rely on IT, data needs to be available across the world in an instant. Every industry relies on data day-to-day, from transport & retail to hospitals, emergency services, militaries & governments...

Data Power Solutions 

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Emergency backup electricity solutions for power-critical hospital applications

The medical & healthcare industry has a critical requirement for reliable emergency backup power. Modern hospitals rely on computer systems, from security to patient monitoring & life support machines. Equipment of this significance losing power for even a moment could be catastrophic...

Healthcare Power Solutions 

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Guaranteeing 24/7 trading & operations with reliable power systems

As one of the largest worldwide industries, commerce & retail branches out into several other smaller industries that ADE Power continue to support with their power generation requirements...

Retail Power Solutions 

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Hyperscale power generation & distribution solutions for all sectors within the infrastructure industry

As one of the cornerstones that enable modern society to function effectively, the infrastructure industry and all its underlying sectors require essential standby power to continue to operate 24/7, regardless of any interruptions to utility mains power...

Infrastructure Power Solutions 

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Reliable power systems that guarantee the uptime & safety of petrochemical plants

The petrochemical industry is an infrastructure sector that produces the chemical products that can be obtained from petroleum via the process of refining. Examples of petrochemical products include rubber, plastic, natural gas, fibres, ammonia & ethanol...

Petrochemical Power Solutions 

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Ensuring the 24/7/365 uptime of telecoms networks & infrastructure

The telecoms/telecommunications industry is another cornerstone in the infrastructure of 21st century society. The sector consists of companies that provide and maintain the networks that make digital communication possible. This includes telephone & internet networks...

Telecoms Power Solutions 

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Enabling the continuous development, production & distribution of medication

Facilities at every stage (research labs, factories, distribution centres & pharmacies) rely on standby power to keep each part of the process streamlined and prevent bottlenecks caused by one being victim of a power outage....

Pharmaceutical Power Solutions 

ADE Power Spider Logo Agriculture

Essential standby & remote power solutions for isolated rural operations

With UK agriculture providing roughly half of the food we eat, and being such a critical component of the food & drink sector, production downtime due to utility power loss can be extremely costly to not only the farm, but the entire supply chain....

Agriculture Power Solutions