ADE Power provide specialist emergency standby power, noise control & ventilation solutions for mission critical infrastructure applications.

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Infrastructure Power Generation & Distribution Solutions

Gas-Specification Generator Containers

Bespoke acoustic housing solutions designed & built to specialist industry specifications.

Acoustic Enclosures & Containers

Bespoke designed & built acoustic housing solutions.

Substation Switchgear Enclosures

Prefabricated housings for LV & HV substation switchgear suites.

Fuel Tanks

Bespoke fuel storage solutions up to 50,000 litres.

Transformer Enclosures

Bespoke acoustic & protective transformer housings.

Rail-Specification Switchgear Enclosures

Prefabricated housings for specialist railway switchgear and associated equipment.

Infrastructure Power Services

Why Choose ADE Power?

20+ Years

As one of the cornerstones that enable modern society to function effectively, the infrastructure industry and all its underlying sectors require essential standby power to continue to operate 24/7, regardless of any interruptions to utility mains power.

As technologies and methods within infrastructure are continuously developed and improved, ADE Power has continued to support various sectors including: energy, transport, waste, science, defence, finance, food & government.

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Infrastructure Industry Power Solutions Infrastructure Industry Power Solutions Infrastructure Industry Power Solutions Infrastructure Industry Power Solutions

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