ADE Power manufacture bespoke enclosures, modules and containers for a wide-range of industries & applications including: diesel & gas power generator enclosures, offshore enclosures, railway equipment modules & switchgear enclosures, protection and relay rooms, water treatment units, telecommunications & data systems, electrical equipment along with pumps & compressors.

Acoustic Enclosures/Containers Acoustic Enclosures & Containers

Bespoke designs provide clients with results that couldn't previously be solved by standard solutions.

Switchgear Enclosures Switchgear Enclosures

We design & manufacture prefabricated switchgear rooms to house any type & quantity of LV & HV switchgear suites.

Equipment Enclosures Equipment Enclosures

We also bespoke-manufacture enclosures designed for other equipment & purposes including pumps, transformers & more.

UPS Enclosures UPS Enclosures

Uninterruptible power supplies should be in temperature-controlled environment to operate safely & effectively.

ADE Power Boxes Power Boxes

The ADE Power Box has a universal design, allowing a wide range of generators up to 1000 kVA to be installed.

Offshore Enclosures Offshore Enclosures

Our engineers design & manufacture enclosures for offshore rigs capable of protecting against harsh conditions.

Bespoke Fuel Tanks Bespoke Fuel Tanks

Bespoke fuel storage solutions up to 50,000 litres, manufactured to your shape, size or capacity specifications.

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