2250kVA Acoustically Packaged Diesel Generator Power Solution

2250 kVA Packaged Diesel Generator for an African Data Centre

This Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure houses a 2250 kVA Cummins QSK60 Diesel Generator, fuel system & other equipment as well as a custom exhaust & cooling arrangement which enabled the unit to be shipped by sea to its destination: a data centre in Egypt where it joined another 2 units previously supplied by ADE Power to provide emergency backup power to the facility in the event of a mains failure.

Acoustic Enclosures 2250 kVA Cummins

2250 kVA Standby Diesel Generator Package for an African Data Centre

Emergency Standby Power Systems for Data Centres in Africa

In regions such as Egypt and across Africa, reliable data centre operations are essential for various sectors, ranging from finance and healthcare to telecommunications and commerce/retail. One of the critical factors ensuring the seamless functioning of these data centres is a robust emergency standby power system. These power systems act as a safeguard against potential disruptions caused by mains power failures, which can be quite common due to unstable grid infrastructure in poorer areas.

In many parts of Africa, power outages or fluctuations in the mains electricity supply can occur unexpectedly and pose significant risks to data centres. These risks include data corruption, equipment damage, service downtime, and financial losses. To counteract such challenges, data centres deploy backup power solutions like this 2250 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator. This generator, along with 2 other units previously provided by ADE, ensures that the data centre remains operational even during electricity grid failures.

The bespoke enclosure is designed to house the generator and associated equipment, ensuring its protection from environmental elements and reducing noise pollution. The bespoke-designed internal cooling arrangement allowed the generator to be transported by sea to its destination with ease, making it a practical choice for installations in regions like Egypt.

The importance of backup generators for data centres, especially in Africa, cannot be overstated. These generators play a crucial role in maintaining uninterrupted operations, protecting valuable data, and preventing financial losses that can result from power disruptions. With the increasing reliance on digital services and data-driven operations, having a reliable emergency backup power system is a strategic investment for data centres operating in these regions.

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