Packaged 550 kVA Logistics Specialist Backup Diesel Generator

This Bespoke 20-foot Super Silent Acoustic Enclosure houses a 550 kVA FG Wilson Diesel Generator along with small light & power.

The packaged generator solution was delivered to Leicester, UK where it will provide essential backup power to the distribution headquarters for a multi-temperature food logistics & supply chain specialist.

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Bespoke Super-Silent 500 kVA Acoustic Diesel Generator Enclosure

Benefits of Standby Power for Food Supply Chains

With the installation of the 550 kVA standby diesel generator solution, supermarkets and end consumers, as well as the logistics company themselves, will enjoy a host of benefits:

The Logistics Company: Equipping the logistics company with a powerful backup generator offers them a competitive edge within the industry. By having the assurance of an uninterrupted power supply, the company can maintain smooth operations, ensuring their cold storage facilities, tracking systems, and other crucial infrastructure run seamlessly. This capability not only strengthens their reputation for reliability but also enhances their ability to meet strict delivery deadlines and handle unforeseen challenges with ease.

Supermarkets: The advantages of the backup generator extend down the food supply chain to the supermarkets supplied by the logistics company. With a reliable food logistics partner, supermarkets can depend on a steady and consistent supply of fresh produce and perishable goods. As a result, supermarkets can maintain high-quality products on their shelves, reduce potential losses due to unforseen supply chain power issues, and ensure their customers' needs are consistently met.

End Consumers: In turn, end consumers enjoy the knock-on benefits of a well-equipped supply chain. With the logistics company's seamless standby power solution in place, customers can have confidence in the availability and freshness of products at their local supermarkets, even in challenging situations. During emergencies or natural disasters, where power outages are common, the backup generator ensures that essential goods remain accessible, alleviating concerns about food shortages and ensuring the public's needs are met.

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