5 Modular Emergency Standby Power Solutions for a UK Prison

This H-shaped complex consists of 4 Modular Acoustic Enclosures that house a Standby Generator, a LV Switchroom, & a Transformer plus a connecting corridor and an additional 41,000 litre External Bulk Fuel Tank for the Generator.

This set of 4 enclosures plus fuel tank was 1 of a total of 5 sets supplied to a UK prison to provide emergency standby power to 5 separate areas of the site in the event of mains power failures.

Acoustic Enclosures Bespoke Fuel Tanks

Bespoke Modular Generator & Equipment Enclosure Complexes

Seamless Multi-Enclosure Integration Project

Our ability to custom design and manufacture various types of enclosures tailored to specific equipment types was hugely beneficial to the delivery of this project. By having the ability to offer a comprehensive solution from a single supplier, we ensured streamlined processes and a seamless integration throughout.

By having the ability to design & manufacture each of the enclosures within each of the 5 separate complexes ourselves, it allowed us to guarantee consistency to the client in both the designs and manufacturing quality across the board. This ensuresd that each enclosure was crafted to meet the exact standards required, facilitating effortless interconnection within the 5 cohesive complexes.

This unified approach offered numerous advantages including ensuring a harmonious aesthetic and functional integration of all components, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the resulting solutions.

Our commitment to high-quality craftsmanship means that each enclosure is built to withstand the toughest conditions of the site's environment, ensuring durability and longevity for the end client. This reliability is crucial, particularly in critical applications such as emergency standby power systems.

In summary, our capability to design and manufacture the bespoke enclosures tailored to each equipment type's specific needs, coupled with our commitment to consistent quality and seamless integration, provided unmatched value and peace of mind in fulfilling the end client's unique power project requirements.

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