3 x 1675 kVA Packaged Cummins Diesel Generators for Pharmaceutical Drug Lab Emergency Standby Power

3 x 1675 kVA Packaged Diesel Generators for a Pharmaceutical Lab

This Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure housing a Cummins 1675 kVA Industrial Diesel Generator was 1 of 3 units delivered to site in Cambridge, UK.

The 5,025 kVA of generators now provide critical backup power to a top drug research & development laboratory in the event of a mains power failure.

1675 kVA Cummins Acoustic Enclosures

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Standby Diesel Generator Installation

Powering Progress: The Role of Standby Power in Pharma

In the ever-evolving industry of pharmaceutical research and development, reliable, uninterrupted power is a lifeline, not just a convenience. The installation of these 3 custom designed & manufactured acoustic enclosures, each housing a robust Cummins C1675D5A diesel generator set, has proven to be a strategic move for a leading laboratory in Cambridge, UK. The 5,000+ kVA system ensures that vital drug discovery processes remain fully operational, even in the face of mains power disruptions.

The benefits of having a dependable standby power system resonate profoundly in the pharmaceutical industry. Firstly, it safeguards critical experiments and research, shielding valuable data from the potential ravages of sudden power outages. Uninterrupted power is synonymous with uninterrupted progress, allowing researchers to maintain their focus and momentum.

Secondly, in an industry where precision is paramount, a reliable standby power system acts as a safety net for sensitive equipment. This not only prevents data loss but also protects costly machinery from the adverse effects of sudden shutdowns.

Moreover, having a robust backup power solution ensures compliance with stringent regulatory requirements. In pharmaceuticals, where adherence to protocols is non-negotiable, uninterrupted power becomes a regulatory ally, facilitating smooth operations and audits.

Beyond operational continuity, the peace of mind that comes with a dependable standby power system is immeasurable. Knowing that critical functions won't be compromised during power fluctuations fosters confidence among stakeholders, from researchers to investors.

In the world of pharmaceuticals, where breakthroughs are the result of relentless pursuit and meticulous processes, having a dependable backup power system isn't just an advantage, it's a strategic necessity.

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