10 Acoustic Standby Generator Enclosures for Belgium Data Centre

These 10 bespoke designed and manufactured 85 dB(A) at 1m Acoustic Enclosures each house a 2250 kVA CAT 3516B diesel generator, a free-standing LV circuit breaker panel, and a fire suppression system, alongside other auxiliary equipment and systems.

All 10 units were designed, manufactured, and fully packaged, including full mechanical and electrical installation, at our Pontefract, UK facility.

The complete standby generator systems make up the 2nd and final phase of the overall project, joining the first 10 enclosures supplied by ADE in 2023 on-site at a key European data centre in Belgium.

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Bespoke Standby Generator System Acoustic Enclosures

High Volume Data Centre Standby Generator Packaging

By having the capacity to manufacture all 10 enclosures of this phase of the project at our Pontefract, UK facility, we ensured a consistent, high-quality product from enclosure 1 to 10. Our capability to handle large-scale projects from a single location allows us to maintain stringent quality control throughout the entire production process. This centralised approach means we can manage and streamline every aspect of the project, from design and fabrication to mechanical and electrical installation.

Our facility's efficiency and capacity to produce high volumes of enclosures for megaprojects such as this one not only ensures timely delivery but also offers significant cost benefits. By controlling the entire manufacturing process in-house, we eliminate the client's need for multiple enclosure suppliers, increasing quality and consistency whilst reducing overheads and potential delays. This holistic project management approach provides our clients with consistent, reliable, high-quality enclosures, ensuring dependable solutions for the overall critical power infrastructure project.

Moreover, our ability to deliver such comprehensive solutions all from a single facility allows for better coordination and communication, resulting in smoother project execution. For large-scale data centre enclosure projects, our proven track record and dedicated high-capacity facilities make us the perfect partner.

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