At ADE Power we take delivery very seriously as we have the experience to know the importance of this for our clients and their projects, and also the knock on effect(s) that failing on delivery dates can have to the overall success of it. Frequently the equipment supplied by ourselves is just a small part of the total project delivery, and for the client as well as everyone else working on site, it is essential for all the components to come together at the right time to allow a smooth project delivery and prevent (what can often be costly) complications and delays in other areas.

At the beginning of all projects our dedicated project management team will create a project programme with the client to agree set dates for hitting key milestones in terms of design, the purchasing of major materials, and achieving certain stages of production. From there, an internal works schedule is created, which is discussed during our daily progress meetings so we have full visibility the minute a project is starting to slip. Therefore, we can take immediate action to rectify the problem and steer the project back on track.

ADE Project Delivery Control ADE Project Delivery Control ADE Project Delivery Control ADE Project Delivery Control

There are many tools available to us to help deliver projects on time without impacting the cost or quality of your equipment whilst still maintaining our high health and safety standards. Early intervention is key, and from there we can allocate the required resources to a project, whether that is communicating with suppliers to get parts delivered earlier, adding a work team to the project to catch up on fabrication times, or adding overtime availability to certain projects.

We understand that our product is often a small part of the overall project, which is why we commit to delivering a quality product first time, on time, every time.

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