2750kVA Water Treatment Backup Diesel Generator

Water Treatment Works 11kV 2750 kVA Standby Diesel Generator

This Bespoke 80 dB(A) at 1m Acoustic Enclosure houses a 2750 kVA Cummins QSK60 11kV Diesel Generator & other essential auxiliary equipment as well as a roof-mounted SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system to reduce emissions produced by the engine.

The unit was crane-lifted onto transport for delivery, installation & commissioning at a water treatment works in Kent, UK. The generator will provide emergency standby power to keep the entire facility operational in the event of a mains power failure.

Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures Diesel Generators

Water Treatment Works Standby Diesel Generator System Installation

Safeguarding Water Treatment Operations with Standby Power Solutions

In the critical sector of water treatment, uninterrupted power supplies stand as the backbone of operational continuity. Water treatment facilities are tasked with a mission-critical duty — delivering clean, safe water to communities. Any disruption in power supply can jeopardise this vital process, potentially leading to severe consequences for public health and safety.

Water treatment works rely on a multitude of intricate processes, from pumping stations to filtration systems, all demanding a constant and reliable power source. A sudden mains power failure can disrupt these processes, causing a cascade effect that compromises water quality and plant functionality. It's in these vulnerable moments that standby power solutions, such as this 11kVA 2750 kVA Diesel Generator, play a pivotal role.

Key Role of Standby Power Solutions:

  • Reliability Amidst Uncertainty: A diesel generator system ensures an unwavering power supply, bridging the gap seamlessly during unexpected power outages.
  • Protecting Water Purity: In a sector where precision is paramount, standby power solutions shield water treatment facilities from the consequences of power interruptions, preserving the integrity of water quality.
  • Safeguarding Public Health: Continuous power guarantees that essential water treatment processes, including disinfection and filtration, remain uninterrupted, safeguarding public health against potential waterborne threats.
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance: The incorporation of a roof-mounted SCR system underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning with stringent emission regulations while ensuring uninterrupted service.

This investment in a robust standby power solution is not merely a precautionary measure; it's an assurance of unwavering commitment to the communities served by water treatment facilities. This diesel generator system stands as a testament to the proactive approach taken to guarantee uninterrupted service, even in the face of unforeseen challenges.

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