1700 kVA Norway Data Centre Backup Diesel Generator

1700 kVA Norway Data Centre Backup Diesel Generator Project

This Bespoke 40-foot Acoustic Enclosure houses a 1700 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator, circuit breaker, fuel pumps & other vital equipment.

The unit was shipped along with its Bespoke Underbelly Fuel Tank & Snow Cowls to a remote data centre in Norway to provide critical backup power alongside 4 other units supplied by ADE Power in 2017.

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Bespoke Data Centre Standby Power Generation

Standby Diesel Generator Solution for a Remote Data Centre

For data centres situated in remote locations, the importance of standby generators cannot be overstated. These facilities are the backbone of modern information technology, supporting a vast array of services that are essential for business, leisure, emergency services and more. Amidst ever-growing modern technological demands and increasing reliance on data processing, maintaining uninterrupted operations is imperative. This is precisely why standby diesel generators play a pivotal role in ensuring the resilience and continuity of remote data centres.

The Bespoke Standby Generator Solution represents a prime example of how preparedness can be optimised. This self-contained unit goes beyond just power generation, it is a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly integrate into the data centre's central infrastructure. Additionally, the inclusion of an Underbelly Fuel Tank and Snow Cowls further caters to the specific needs of remote locations such as this data centre in the remote reaches of Norway.

As with many remote locations, unforgiving climate and geographical isolation present unique challenges. In 2017, ADE Power supplied 4 units to the remote data centre, 2 x 1500 kVA generators & 2 x 400 kVA generators. The choice of standby diesel generators was a strategic one, as it offered a fully autonomous emergency standby power source independent of the utility power grid. In a region prone to extreme weather events, mains power failures are a tangible risk. By having a fleet of mission-critical standby generators in place, the data centre can ensure the continuous operation of its servers and networking equipment, safeguarding against any potentially catastrophic downtime.

The incorporation of standby diesel generators has proven to be a lifeline for remote data centres. These generators stand as robust & reliable protection, ready to seamlessly shoulder the load when utility power falters. Their presence allows critical operations to continue regardless, even in the harshest and most isolated environments. As the worldwide digital landscape continues to expand, these generators remain an indispensable investment, ensuring that the flow of information remains uninterrupted throughout any external challenges.

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