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Water Treatment Acoustic Diesel Generator Enclosure

Waste Water Treatment Power

This Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure houses a Cummins 1400 kVA Diesel Generator that will provide emergency backup power to a water treatment works in Blackburn, UK.

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150 kVA Perkins Construction Supplier Diesel Generator

Construction Industry Backup

This 150 kVA Pramac Perkins Silent Diesel Generator was shipped to a major construction supplier in Accra, Ghana along with a 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch.

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Cummins C110D5 & C220D5e Agriculture Diesel Generators

Supporting British Farming

These 2 Cummins Silent Generators were delivered to a farming equipment wholesaler in York, UK. The gensets will provide critical backup power to a local farm.

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Bespoke 2-Module HV Switchgear Housing

Refinery Upgrades

This 2-Module HV Switchgear Enclosure will be installed on-site at a UK refinery to provide additional power distribution as part of an ongoing upgrade project.

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Bespoke 2-Section Acoustic Enclosure housing a Cummins 2750kVA Diesel Generator for a 5G Data Hub near London, UK

5G Data Power

This 2-Section Acoustic Enclosure housing a 2750 kVA Diesel Generator & other equipment will join 8 previously built units on-site at a 5G data hub near London.

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