3 ADE Diesel Generators for Critical UK Gas Network Backup Power

These 3 ADE Perkins Silent Diesel Generators were up-fitted with extended 72 hour fuel tanks, RCD protection, battery isolators, bund alarms, oil pan heaters, and anti-condensation heaters, and supplied complete with ATS panels.

The complete standby power solutions were supplied by ADE and commissioned on-site by ADE engineers to provide emergency backup power to essential services at 3 separate UK sites that are part of a network that supplies gas to 2.7 million homes and businesses.

The 3 generators were:

Diesel Generators  ADE Generators 

UK Gas Network Emergency Standby Diesel Generator Systems

Reliable Backup Power for Essential UK Gas Network Infrastructure

These ADE generators are both highly reliable and efficient, designed to deliver seamless and uninterrupted emergency backup power. The extended 72-hour fuel tanks ensure prolonged operation during extended power outages, providing peace of mind to gas network operators and end-users alike. Enhanced safety features, such as RCD protection, offer critical fault detection, immediately cutting off power to prevent electrical shocks and potential fire hazards.

The inclusion of battery isolators safeguards against unnecessary battery drain, ensuring that the generators are always ready to start at a moment's notice. Bund alarms provide an additional layer of environmental protection, alerting operators to potential fuel spills or leaks and helping to maintain stringent safety standards. The oil pan heaters are crucial for maintaining optimal engine performance, especially in cold weather conditions, ensuring that the generators start reliably whenever they are needed. Anti-condensation heaters protect the electrical components from moisture build-up, thereby preventing corrosion and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Each generator was supplied with an accompanying ATS panel, facilitating an automatic and seamless transition from the main power supply to the backup generator in the event of a power failure. This automated system ensures that essential gas services remain operational without interruption, assisting in safeguarding the supply of gas to 2.7 million UK homes and businesses.

By integrating these sophisticated features, we ensured that these complete standby power solutions are ready to meet the most demanding emergency power needs, reinforcing the reliability of essential gas services across the 3 critical sites.

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