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4 Cummins 2750 kVA Emergency Standby Packaged Diesel Generators for a Data Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Data Power

These 4 Cummins 2750 kVA Diesel Generators in Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures were shipped to Amsterdam to provide emergency standby power to a large data centre.

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Pillswood Battery Storage Facility HV Switchgear Enclosure

Battery Storage Substation

This bespoke Switchgear Enclosure was installed at a new battery storage facility in North East England which is capable of powering 300,000 homes for 2 hours.

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Gas Generator Enclosure Dispatch

Bespoke Gas Enclosure

This Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure was attenuated and fitted with lube oil tanks before being delivered to the client where they installed a 1000 kW gas generator.

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1700kVA Packaged Telecoms Diesel Generator

Packaged Telecoms

This Bespoke 1700 kVA Packaged Cummins Diesel Generator was installed at a large telephone exchange & office block in London to provide emergency standby power.

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550 kVA Cummins Acoustically Packaged Diesel Generator for a mental health services unit in Leeds

Mental Health Backup Power

This Acoustically Enclosed 550 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator & 8,000L Fuel Tank was installed to provide backup power to a mental health services in Leeds, UK.

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Bespoke Designed & Built 10-foot Acoustic Diesel Generator Enclosure

Gas Pumping Power

This 22 kVA Perkins Diesel Generator housed in a Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure was installed at a remote gas pumping site in Cumbria, UK to provide standby power.

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