220kVA Cummins Shopping Centre Diesel Generator

Shopping Centre Backup Diesel Generator Project in Sheffield

This 220 kVA Cummins Stage IIIa Silent Diesel Generator complete with a Bespoke Bund Tray & 400 Amp Cummins Automatic Transfer Switch was supplied to a shopping centre in Sheffield. The generator will supply the building with emergency backup power to keep the shops trading & customers happy, even in the event that the centre suffers a full-scale mains power failure.

220 kVA Cummins 400A Cummins ATS

Sheffield Shopping Centre Emergency Backup Power Solution

Emergency Standby Power for Shopping Centres

Standby generators are invaluable assets for the retail industry, playing a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted operations. Consider a scenario in which a shopping centre, such as this one in Sheffield, is teeming with shops and customers. At times, unforeseen events such as severe weather or technical glitches can disrupt the primary power supply. This is precisely where a standby generator steps in.

Complemented by a Bespoke Bund Tray and a 400 Amp Cummins Automatic Transfer Switch, this 220 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator was custom-fitted to cater to the shopping centre's unique needs. Its primary function is to seamlessly take over when the main power source fails, serving as a dependable backup system.

In essence, standby generators act as guardians of continuity, ensuring that essential systems, from lighting and cash registers to escalators, remain operational. This strategic backup plan is pivotal in sustaining the shopping centre's operations, keeping business transactions flowing smoothly, and ensuring a safe and satisfactory experience for customers, even in the face of unforeseen power interruptions.

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