Sheltered Housing Cummins Diesel Generator

London Sheltered Housing 66 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator

This 66 kVA Cummins Stage IIIa Emissions Compliant Silent Diesel Generator complete with a 100 Amp Cummins Automatic Transfer Switch is heading to London, UK.

This complete standby power solution will provide mains failure backup power to a brand new sheltered housing block built to support elderly, disabled & vulnerable people.

66 kVA Cummins 100A Cummins ATS

66 kVA Cummins Generator for a Sheltered Housing Block

Enhanced Reliability and Safety for Sheltered Accommodation Residents

The installation of the 66 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator & Automatic Transfer Switch marks a significant milestone for the brand new sheltered housing facility in London. Designed to cater to the needs of elderly, disabled, and vulnerable individuals, this complete standby power solution offers a host of benefits to the residents.

The main advantage of this backup generator power solution is enhanced reliability. In the event of a mains power failure, which could be caused by severe weather, accidents, or other unforeseen circumstances, the ATS Panel will automatically detect this and start the generator to provide a standby power supply to the entire facility throughout the duration of the mains outage. This continuous power provision ensures that essential services, such as lighting, heating, electronic medical equipment, communication systems, and alarms, remain operational at all times, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the residents.

Furthermore, this emergency power solution promotes increased safety within the sheltered housing block. Vulnerable individuals often have specific medical and mobility needs that require consistent access to electricity. The generator's fast transition to backup power guarantees that vital medical devices, lifts, and emergency lighting systems function with minimal interruption. This added layer of safety grants the residents, their families, and the care staff with the peace of mind that the facility is well-prepared to handle any power-related challenges efficiently.

By providing a reliable failsafe power solution, this Cummins generator contributes significantly to the well-being and comfort of the residents of the sheltered accommodation. It reflects the commitment of the facility to prioritise the safety and care of its inhabitants, making it an ideal place for elderly, disabled, and vulnerable individuals to thrive and enjoy a fulfilling life.

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