Cummins 150kVA Construction Diesel Generator

Construction Headquarters 150kVA Cummins Diesel Generator

This 150 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generator complete with a Bespoke-Built Bund Tray & a 250 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch was delivered to Liverpool, UK.

The generator & ATS Panel provide emergency backup power to the new headquarters of a large construction company in the event of a mains failure.

150 kVA Cummins 250A Cummins ATS

150 kVA Backup Generator for a Construction Company

Construction Industry Standby Generator Solution

The decision to invest in this 150 kVA (120 kW) standby power solution offers numerous benefits for the construction company. Firstly, it ensures an uninterrupted power supply during unforeseen power outages, minimising downtime and potential financial losses. In the construction industry, where deadlines are crucial, having a reliable backup power source allows them to continue operations seamlessly, keeping projects on track. Additionally, the standby generator provides a sense of security, as it guarantees essential systems such as security alarms, communication networks, and computer servers remain functional during emergencies. This ensures the safety of personnel and safeguards sensitive data. Overall, the investment in a backup genset & automatic transfer switch enhances productivity, efficiency, and peace-of-mind for the customer, enabling them to tackle any power-related challenges with ease.

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