Deep Sea DSE7320 Genset Control Panel

Deep Sea DSE7320 Features

  • 4-Line back-lit LCD text display
  • Five key menu navigation
  • Front panel editing with PIN protection
  • Customisable status screens
  • Power save mode
  • Support for up to three remote display units
  • 9 configurable inputs
  • 8 configurable outputs
  • Flexible sender inputs
  • Configurable timers and alarms
  • 3 configurable maintenance alarms
  • Multiple date and time scheduler
  • Configurable event log (250)
  • Tier 4 CAN engine support
  • Integral PLC editor
  • Easy access diagnostic page
  • CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. sensing
  • Fuel usage monitor and low fuel alarms
  • Charge alternator failure alarm
  • Manual speed control (on compatible CAN engines)
  • Manual fuel pump control
  • Engine exerciser
  • "Protections disabled" feature
  • kW & kV Ar protection
  • Reverse power (kW & kV Ar) protection
  • LED and LCD alarm indication
  • Power monitoring (kW h, kV Ar, kV A h, kV Ar h)
  • Load switching (load shedding and dummy load outputs)
  • Automatic load transfer
  • Unbalanced load protection
  • Independent Earth Fault trip
  • USB connectivity
  • Backed up real-time clock
  • Fully configurable via DSE Configuration Suite PC software
  • Configurable display languages
  • Remote SCADA monitoring via DSE Configuration Suite PC software
  • User selectable RS232 and RS485 communications
  • Configurable Gencomm pages
  • Advanced SMS messaging (additional external modem required)
  • Start & stop capability via SMS messaging
  • Additional display screens to help with modem diagnostics
  • Idle control for starting & stopping
  • DSENet® expansion compatible
  • Heated display option available

DSE7320 Benefits

  • 132 x 64 pixel ratio display for clarity
  • Real-time clock provides accurate event logging
  • Multiple date and time scheduler
  • Set maintenance periods can be configured to maintain optimum engine performance
  • Ethernet communications (via DSE855 module), provides advanced remote monitoring
  • Modules can be integrated into building management systems (BMS)
  • Increased input and output expansion capability via DSENet®
  • Licence-free PC software
  • IP65 rating (with supplied gasket) offers increased resistance to water ingress
  • PLC editor allows user configurable functions to meet specific application requirements

Deep Sea DSE7320 Genset Controller

Introducing the DSE7320 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module

The DSE7320 stands as a versatile solution designed to cater to a wide spectrum of single genset applications, whether powered by diesel or gas. This sophisticated control module takes charge of monitoring an array of critical engine parameters, ensuring optimal functionality and peace of mind.

DSE7320 Key Features

Comprehensive Parameter Monitoring: The DSE7320 excels at monitoring an extensive range of engine parameters with precision. This wealth of data is conveyed through multiple channels, including a back-lit LCD screen, illuminated LEDs, remote PC access, and SMS text alerts when equipped with an external modem. This comprehensive monitoring capability empowers users to stay informed about their genset's performance and health in real-time.
Mains (Utility) Supply Monitoring: In addition to genset monitoring, the DSE7320 keeps a vigilant eye on the mains (utility) supply, adding an extra layer of reliability and ensuring a seamless transition in case of utility failures.
Versatile Connectivity Options: The DSE7320 is equipped with a variety of connectivity options, including USB, RS232, and RS485 ports, along with dedicated DSENet® terminals for system expansion. This adaptability makes it compatible with both electronic (CAN) and non-electronic (magnetic pick-up/alternator sensing) engines.
Flexible Inputs and Outputs: This module offers an extensive array of flexible inputs and outputs, enabling easy customization to meet the specific requirements of diverse industries. Whether it's enhanced event and performance monitoring, remote communications, or PLC functionality, the DSE7320 is designed to excel in adapting to your unique needs. Robust Engine Protections: Engine protection is paramount, and the DSE7320 takes it seriously. With an extensive set of engine protection features, your genset is safeguarded against potential risks, ensuring its longevity and reliability. User-Friendly Configuration: Configuring the DSE7320 is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive DSE Configuration Suite PC software. Additionally, selected front panel editing is available for added convenience.

Overall, the DSE7320 Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module is a versatile and dependable solution for genset monitoring and control. Its robust feature set, extensive connectivity options, and user-friendly configuration make it a top choice for industries with demanding requirements. Ensure the reliability and performance of your genset with the DSE7320.

Generators Featuring the Deep Sea DSE7320 Controller: