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To report a power cut, call 105

Is there a power cut in my area? Do not call your electricity supplier. Electricity suppliers sell consumers energy and are not responsible for the power lines that connect your home or business to the National Grid network. Distribution network operators (DNOs) maintain the power lines that connect your home or business to the network. When you call 105, you will be put through to your DNO.

West/South West England & South Wales Power Cut

National Grid Headquarters:
1 - 3 Strand,
London, WC2N 5EH

South Wales & West England Power Cuts

National Grid make it easy for you to find out if there has been a power cut in your area with their power cut checker. If you are experiencing a power cut and you have not received prior notice, please use this page to find information on any current activity in your area.

Visit the National Grid customer service page to find the answers to power cut related queries.

Call National Grid customer service on 0800 6783 105.

South Wales, West England Power Cut

With its headquarters located in London, England, National Grid is a UK energy company. National Grid is the distribution network operator (DNO) for South Wales and West England.

South Wales, West England Power Outages Guidance

Citizens Advice has published guidance for energy consumers on where they can get independent advice about their energy supply.

It's important to know your rights when it comes to energy. You can get free, independent advice from Citizens Advice if you need any help. For example, they can help answer questions about your bills or meter, and check if you can get discounts, grants or a cheaper tariff.

Visit or contact the consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06 to find out more.

Power Cut South Wales, West England

For all the latest information on both planned & unplanned power cuts in the South Wales & the West/South West areas of England:

Contact National Grid