2000 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator - Cummins C2000D5 Genset

Cummins C2000D5

2000 kVA Three Phase Open Diesel Generator

  • Standby: 2063 kVA / 1650 kW
  • Prime: 1875 kVA / 1500 kW
  • Engine: Cummins QSK60-G3
  • Alternator: Stamford PI734F
  • Voltage: 380-440V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Amps Per Phase: 2978
  • Control Panel: PowerCommand 3.3

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Additional Fuel Tank

Additional off-the-shelf or bespoke free-standing fuel tanks can be supplied to act as your generator's primary fuel source or to extend its total possible run time before the need to refuel.

Off-the-Shelf Fuel Tanks
ATS Panel

ATS panels detect mains power failures and send a signal for the backup generator to start, transferring the load over to the generator once it has matched the correct voltage & frequency. Once mains power is restored, the panel will transfer the load back to the mains and shut down the generator.

ATS Panels
Control Panel Upgrade

Improve your generator's control & monitoring capabilities by upgrading the existing control panel to a more feature-packed alternative.

Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure

House this open generator in one of our bespoke designed & manufactured acoustic enclosures, reducing the noise level of the genset as well as protecting it from weather and other external environmental factors.

Acoustic Enclosures & Containers

Cummins Power Generation C2000D5 2000 kVA Generator Specification

The Cummins C2000D5 is a 2000 kVA Three Phase Auto Start 50Hz Open Diesel Generator featuring the Cummins QSK60-G3 engine & Stamford PI734F alternator.

Whether you are looking for a commercial generator to provide standby, prime or continuous duty power, the Cummins 2000kVA offers optimum performance in any setting. Known for its dependability and versatility, this durable diesel generator is designed and manufactured by a company with a heritage of quality engineering going back over 100 years.

Backed by a comprehensive warranty and meticulously tested, the generator's heavy-duty, turbocharged, four-cycle engine delivers a consistent and reliable source of power while producing only a low level of emissions. In addition, its state-of-the-art electronic control system offers a vast array of advanced functionality, providing total system integration with automated remote start/stop, pinpoint regulation of voltage and frequency and numerous additional safety features.

The full rated load will be accepted in a single step in accordance with NFPA 110 for Level 1 systems. Custom-built acoustic enclosures are also available for this model.

To find out more about this diesel generator or any other models in our vast range of Cummins products, contact us via email or phone.

Generator Diesel Open 3 Phase 50Hz Standby Genset Cummins 2000 kVA 1500 kW
Standby Power Rating 2063 kVA / 1650 kW
Prime Power Rating 1875 kVA / 1500 kW
Engine Cummins QSK60-G3
Engine Governor Electronic
Engine Speed 1500 rpm
Alternator Stamford PI734F
Voltage 380-440V
Frequency 50Hz
Amps Per Phase 2978
Control Panel PowerCommand 3.3
Connection Type Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker 4-Pole
Exhaust Emissions Level Unregulated
Fuel Consumption 363 litres per hour (at 100% load)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6175mm x 2286mm x 2537mm
Dry Weight 14,880kg
Additional Features Battery Charger, Water Heater
Warranty 2 years or 500 hours standby / 1 year unlimited hours prime

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