Cummins PowerStart PS0600 Genset Control Panel

Cummins PowerStart 0600 Features

  • Integrated 128x64 pixel monochrome graphic LCD display
  • 12 and 24V battery operation
  • Genset monitoring status of all critical engine and alternator functions
  • Digital genset metering (AC & DC)
  • Genset battery monitoring system to warn against a weak battery connection
  • Configurable for single phase, 3 phase or split phase AC metering
  • Engine starting includes solid state output to operate external relay to start the engine, fuel shut-off (FSO) and glow plug
  • Genset protection: protects engine and alternator
  • Real-time clock for fault and event stamping
  • Fuel level measurement using 4-20mA input sensor
  • Exerciser clock and time of delay start/stop initiate a test without load
  • "Maintenance due" alarm based on engine running time and real-time clock
  • Auto Mains Failure (AMF) provides load transfer operation in open transition mode
  • AMF test with or without load options
  • Utility voltage monitoring and protection
  • Remote start capability in auto mode
  • Advanced serviceability using InPower™ - a PC based software service tool
  • Modbus interface for interconnecting to customer PLC/BMS
  • Configurable inputs and outputs
  • Environmental protection: The control is designed for reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Warranty and service: backed by a comprehensive warranty and worldwide distributor service network
  • Certification-suitable for use on generator sets that are designed, manufactured, tested and certified relevant ISO, IEC and CE standards

Cummins PS0600 Genset Controller

The PowerStart™ 0600 control is a microprocessor-based generator set monitoring and control system. The control provides a simple operator interface to the generator set, manual and remote start/stop control and shutdown fault indication and AMF (Auto Mains Failure) functionality. The integration of all control functions into a single control provides enhanced reliability and performance compared to conventional generator set control systems. This control has been designed and tested to meet the harsh environment in which gensets are typically applied. The PowerStart™ generator set control is suitable for use on a wide range of generator sets in non-paralleling applications. It is suitable for use with reconnectable or non-reconnectable generators, can be configured for either 50 or 60 Hz and voltage and power connections from 190-600 VAC line-to-line. This control includes an intuitive operator interface that allows genset start/stop for complete genset control as well as system metering, fault annunciation, configuration and diagnostics. The interface includes seven generator set status LED lamps with both internationally accepted symbols and English text to comply with customer needs.

The interface also includes an LED backlit LCD display with tactile-feel soft-switches for easy operation and screen navigation. The manual/auto/stop switch function is integrated into the overlay of the controller. All data on the control can be viewed by scrolling through screens with the navigation keys. Screens can be viewed either by scrolling or non scrolling mode. Forward and backward navigation is also provided. The control displays the current active fault, fault occurrences and a time-ordered history of the five previous faults with respect to the real-time clock stamp & engine running time. Power for this control is derived from the generator set's starting batteries and functions over a voltage from 8VDC to 32VDC.

Generators Featuring the Cummins PowerStart 0600 Controller: