Where Can I Get My Generator Serviced?

Our personalised generator servicing contracts are the most practical and efficent on the market due to our honest, open and straightforward approach. We will work with you to help you to comprehend and budget for key generator servicing costs, minimising your requirement for repairs and maximising reliability.

Our highly qualified and experienced service engineers are based throughout the UK, providing a rapid response to call outs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our Service Includes:

  • 24 hour cover - 365 days a year

  • A dedicated project manager to guarantee your requirements are understood and responded to timely and effectively

  • Bi-annual service visits (major & minor services available)

  • Fuel and oil checks

  • Lubricating system checks

  • Cooling system checks

  • Control panel & instrument checks

  • Exhaust system checks

  • Engine electrical system checks

  • Alternator checks

  • General maintenance

  • Full service documentation

  • Recommendations for remedial work or repairs

  • A vast range of critical spares in stock and ready to be dispatched the same day

  • All makes & models supported including Cummins, Pramac, Perkins, CAT, MTU, FG Wilson, AKSA and many more

  • Mobile resistive load bank testing

Maintaining a Generator - What You Need to Know

Your diesel generator, whether it is used for primary or back-up power, needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. Diesel generator maintenance can be easy to forget about, especially for back-up equipment or gensets that are rarely used. However, the whole point of having a back-up power supply is knowing it is there what you need it!

Diesel generator maintenance is fairly straightforward and easy to predict. The best practice is almost always to simply follow the maintenance schedule provided by your generator's manufacturer. Adhering to this schedule fairly faithfully is the key to a long and trouble-free life for your generator. However, from time to time an expert maintenance engineer might suggest a change to that schedule in response to the actual performance of a particular generator. This will almost always mean more frequent inspections or preventative diesel generator maintenance, not less.

Maintaining a diesel generator is very much a science rather than an art. Even the most state-of-the-art generators have been extensively tested before being marketed, and most diesel power generation technology has remained largely unchanged for decades. That means that manufacturers have a very good sense of when particular components are likely to fail or need attention.

In-House Generator Maintenance, or Outsourced?

Whilst large organisations which own several generators in one or more locations or who regularly rely on on-site primary power generation likely already have at least one full time maintenance engineer, many smaller companies, or those who keep only one or two gensets as back-ups would find this impractical and expensive. Instead, they turn to electrical contractors or even generator dealerships to provide diesel generator maintenance on either a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis. The chief responsibilities of these service and maintenance engineers are to inspect the gensets under their care, maintain records of their actual performance, noting any variance from the technical data their manufacturers provided, and ensure that all safety procedures and preventative maintenance tasks are performed on schedule.

Reasons to Keep Up Regular Maintenance

The main reason to keep up with good regular diesel generator maintenance is to protect what is most likely a major investment for your business, and to make sure that money is actually doing its job - making sure the lights stay on if there is a power cut. However, if you need more reasons, remember that your warranty your insurance, and even the government all require that your equipment is maintained properly.

Maintaining Your Generator - The Basics

Maintenance tasks common to most generator types on the market today include:

  • Removing worn parts and/or making component upgrades;
  • Checking and maintaining operating fluid levels;
  • Inspecting and testing the battery, as well as cleaning the terminals and connections;
  • Performing a load bank tests;
  • Checking the accuracy of the control panel monitoring and all indicators/instrumentation;
  • Changing consumable components such as air & fuel filters;

This list is not exhaustive; be sure to follow the entire maintenance schedule outlined by your genset's manufacturer.

When maintaining a generator, remember to log every action taken and maintenance performed. You should also make a record of all the vital readings you take, and any relevant observations, including the date of each inspection. This allows the data collected to be utilised for tracking your generator's health over time.

Diesel Generator Servicing Diesel Generator Servicing Diesel Generator Servicing Diesel Generator Servicing

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