Western Global EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD1200 5300 Litre Diesel Generator Fuel Tank

EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD1200

5300 Litre Stationary Fuel Container

  • Nominal Capacity: 5331 litres
  • Safe Fill Capacity (95%): 5065 litres
  • Empty Weight: 1517kg
  • Full Weight: 6582kg
  • Length: 3044mm
  • Width: 1150mm
  • Height: 2548mm

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Western Global EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD1200 5300 Litre Fuel Tank

The Western Global EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD1200 is a versatile 5331 litre stationary fuel tank perfect for use with diesel generators to fuel your essential equipment.

The EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD1200 offers you the superior versatility for stationary fuelling applications. Featuring a full height lockable cabinet with additional shelving space and secure hose access, these bulk storage units are your solution for long term construction projects and plant yards.

EnviroBulka storage containers can enable bulk fuel purchases which activate cost savings for your business. With a 110% bunded design that complies to BS799 & to Oil Storage Regulations for Businesses, the EnviroBulka Deluxe EBD1200 ensures a safe and environmentally safe solution for bulk fuel storage.


  • Access Hatch - Easy access to inner tank for routing maintenance and cleaning.
  • Lifting Eyes - Lifting eyes for easy handling (empty only).
  • Fully Bunded - The cabinet spill sump contains any spills or drips. The tank is 110% bunded to comply with oil regulations. Manufactured to BS799 part 5 for above ground oil storage.
  • Bearers - Tank supplied with bearers for easy placing in position and moving if required (when empty).
  • Mesh Floor - Removable mesh floor for easy access to clean sump to catch any diesel drips.
  • Locking System - High security locking system to protect your liquid assets.
  • Top Mounted Fittings - Top mounted fittings to prevent leakage of fuel.
  • Additional Storage - The full height cabinet can house pumps, reels, hoses, connections while also storing oil cans and other fuelling equipment.

Ideal Uses & Applications:

  • Bulk Fuel Storage - EnviroBulka Deluxe static tanks can be used to refuel vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural equipment efficiently. This range is ideal for large equipment fleets that require constant fuel storage on site - allowing significant cost savings with purchasing of fuel.
  • Fuel Management Station - For fleet refuelling or dispensing fuel for sale, tanks can be fitted to become complete fuel management systems (track and control fuel levels ensuring efficient fuel safety and accountability). Fuel stations provide one fuelling point on site - reducing risk of spills and unnecessary tanker movements.
  • Standby Power Application - EnviroBulka Deluxe tanks are ideal for large projects that require generator power installations or other standby applications.
Nominal Capacity 5331 litres
Safe Fill Capacity (95%) 5065 litres
Length 3044mm
Width 1150mm
Height 2548mm
Empty Weight 1517kg
Full Weight 6582kg
Cabinet Length 1134mm
Cabinet Width 580mm
Cabinet Height 2144mm

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