Powering your Event with an Event Power Generator

When you're running an event, regardless of what type it is, you need to make sure that you're meeting all of your power distribution needs.

From lights and heating to entertainment such as music, film and TV, and any other appliances that can make the day truly complete. You need to ensure that the show isn't going to be stopped simply because you don't have the power.

At ADE Power, we're more than happy to help with event power generators and fuel tanks of all sizes and types. Read on to learn more about choosing the right power solution, and how we can help make your special day go without a hitch.

Event Generators to Meet All Your Needs

There are many different types of events that may require temporary power or standby generators, such as funfairs, concerts, sports events, business launches, Christmas markets, weddings, and much more. As such, your needs for event power engineering can vary widely depending on what kind of event you're running.

We have an inventory of generators of different sizes and energy outputs to make sure that you're able to get exactly as much power as your event needs. Our range of event power generators are also available with size-matched road tows, allowing you to easily transport the unit from site-to-site.

Trailer-Mounted Event Diesel Generator Trailer-Mounted Event Diesel Generator Trailer-Mounted Event Diesel Generator Trailer-Mounted Event Diesel Generator
Trailer-mounted event diesel generator supplied by ADE Power to power an outdoor wedding venue.

When it comes to sourcing a power solution for your big event, generator hiring may be your first thought. However, event generator hire can be costly and the generator may not meet your specific power requirements.

By investing in your very own event diesel generator, our expert engineers can customise the unit to meet your exact needs. And once your event is over, you are free to continue to use your brand new event generator over and over for new events, without having to face the costs of rental each time. As a result, the cost of investing in a brand new event generator will recover itself, and even save you money (when compared to hiring) the more you use the equipment.

Based on daily hire rates, for every 3-4 days of hiring a generator, you could buy your own and recover your investment.

We can be your partner in helping your find the event generator that is perfectly designed to meet your exact energy needs. Setting up an event generator can be significantly more convenient even if there are sources of energy nearby. For instance, they don't come with the additional costs of hiring an electrician to arrange a temporary circuit, and they can require much less potentially dangerous cabling and power supplies than working from fixed power sources.

A selection of our event-spec generators are also available with distribution units as standard or extra, allowing you to connect your equipment directly into the generator, with no need for additional cable and distribution systems.

Silent Event Generators

In the events industry, you don't want to go through all the effort of arranging a fantastic event just to find that it's being spoiled by the loud noise of a generator working at full force. But you don't have to worry, that won't be a problem if you choose one of our silent generators.

Though all generators give off something of a hum, our silent varieties have acoustically-attenuated canopies that make sure you hear next to none of it, allowing you to focus on running a high-quality event for your crowd.

Compliant and Convenient Event Power Solutions

Event Diesel Generators

If you're running an outdoor event or one that moves from place to place, then portability is going to be important. Smaller single phase portable generators or trailer-mounted 3 phase generators allow the power source to be easily transported to wherever it may be needed. Furthermore, mobile generators must also be compliant with European Stage V Emissions Regulations, so be sure to check when purchasing that the engine is suitable to meet the current legislation, so you can rest assured that you have the green machine you're legally obliged to have.

Get in Touch to Power Your Event

If you're not certain which event diesel generator best suits your needs, you don't need to worry. Get in touch with our specialist team of experts to discuss your exact requirements. The team can be reached via email at enquiries@ade-power.com, via phone on +44 (0) 1977 657 982 or via Live Chat. They will be glad to help you find not only the best but also the most cost-effective solution. With our expert's help, you will end up with the perfect generator to power your event and make it a resounding success!

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Blog published by ADE Power on October 28th, 2019

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