How Do Power Cuts Happen?

Common Causes of Power Cuts

Power cuts are a common occurrence in the UK and can be more frequent in some areas than others. When the power goes out, it doesn't exactly make your day. You could be in the middle of doing something, or you might be left in the dark with nothing to do and no heating or light. Understanding why they happen won't help you to avoid them, but it can help you to learn the importance of being prepared. Keeping your home or business running with a generator can help you to avoid disaster, whatever the cause of the power outage.

How Do Power Cuts Happen?

Damage to Power Equipment

Damage to an energy company's equipment and infrastructure is a major cause of UK power cuts. Sometimes, it might be that some important components have been stolen. Some materials, such as copper, are valuable and people steal them to try and make a profit from them. Another big problem is simply the ageing and deterioration of a lot of the power infrastructure in the UK. In 2015, there were 640 recorded outages compared to 537 in 2014 - an increase of more than 19%. Rising demand is putting more pressure on infrastructure and equipment, which is struggling to cope.

Bad Weather

Poor weather conditions can lead to power cuts in the UK too. During a storm is a particularly bad time to be without power, when everyone needs heat and light to stay safe. High winds, falling trees and other debris can all affect infrastructure, such as power lines. Snow and ice might cause problems too, and we could be seeing a rise in colder winters. There's nothing that you can do about bad weather, so the best thing you can do is be prepared for these situations. Having a generator for your home or business should help to keep you going.

Birds Flying Into Power Lines

Some birds are quite clever - others, not so much. Even smart birds can be taken by surprise by power lines. After all, they're not a natural feature of the environment. Birds flying into overhead cables can sometimes be the cause of power cuts. They can bring down cables, damage them or get tangled up in them, and it's then necessary to wait for repairs before the power can come back on. Other animals could also cause problems, from bats in the air to animals on the ground digging or chewing where they shouldn't.

Planned Outages

Some power cuts are planned by the power company, but this doesn't make them any less inconvenient. Usually, your energy company will warn you about any planned outages and tell you when they will be happening and for how long. This gives you time to prepare and plan, but it still means that you're without power for the length of the outage. However, these outages are sometimes necessary so the power company can work safely.

Reasons for Power Cuts

Power cuts can be anything from annoying and inconvenient to dangerous. If you want to be prepared for them, getting a standby generator for your home or business will help to protect you.

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Blog published by ADE Power on October 16th, 2018

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