Whether you're looking for a small silent generator or a large industrial super silent diesel generator, find the perfect quiet generator for your needs.

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Silent Generators for Sale UK

When you need a heavy duty, stationary generator that's able to withstand the elements whist producing minimal noise, then canopied generators might be just the option for you. Keep reading to learn how super quiet generators work, their benefits, and where they might be of most use. Whether you're looking for a smaller residential backup solution, or a larger stationary industrial unit complete with a base fuel tank and more features, we can help find the exact solution you're looking for.

Quiet Generators

Naturally, the greatest benefit of quiet generators is that they produce much lower sound levels than their open counterparts. Not all canopied generators are necessarily silent. Most still produce some level of perceivable noise. However, they don't produce enough to cause long-term damage to your ears. Exposure to noises over 85dB can start to do damage to the tiny hair cells in your inner ears, which will lead to hearing loss over time.

Quiet generators can reduce the amount of noise produced by a generator to such a degree that your ears are no longer at risk. However, there are smaller canopied generators that are effectively silent, producing only a quiet humming sound. If you don't want the sound of a generator disrupting your peace and quiet, they may be the best bet for you. If your generator doesn't make use of a canopy or any other noise reduction technology, it's wise to ensure you wear some form of hearing protection whilst it's running.

Silent Canopied Generators

If you're looking at any of our silent generators for sale, you might wonder how exactly they can remain so quiet. It's all down to the protective canopy, which consists of composite materials that are designed to reflect sound back inside the enclosure and dissipate it rather than letting it escape.

The material is separated into layers by wide, shallow air gaps known as air pockets. This creates a resonance effect that can turn low-frequency noises, which might usually escape the canopy, into higher pitched sounds. These higher pitched sounds are then caught by the outer layer of material, which minimises the overall sound produced. Different generators produce different levels and pitches of sound, so the material that is used to create the canopy can differ from genset to genset.

The average open generator set can produce noise levels well above 85 dB, which is around the point at which long-term exposure can lead to hearing damage and even hearing loss. A super silent generator uses the canopy to reduce the noise level produced by up to 40 dB, so it's wise to ensure you're getting the noise reduction you need to make the generator safe to use, especially if it will be located in areas close to the public or staff working.

Silent / Soundproof Generator Enclosures 
Silent Diesel Generators

We have a wide range of quiet and silent diesel generators for you to choose from. They come in all sizes and with all kinds of different power supply levels. We also provide a level of service to match the quality of generators that we sell. For instance, we offer a wide variety of bespoke modifications, so that we can ensure your generator meets your exact needs, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find the exact solution for your application.

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Can't Find the Silent Generator You Need?

If you're struggling to find the right silent option for your needs, get in touch! Our team can help you source your perfect generator direct from the manufacturer. Our expert customer service team can discuss our selection of generators with you, finding the perfect solution for your requirements. They are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (GMT) via phone, email or live chat.

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