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Diesel Generators

At ADE Power, we work with the best diesel generator manufacturers in the business, and have a wide range of high quality diesel powered generators for sale. From 20 kVA silent generators up to 3000 kVA industrial standby diesel generators and more.

Diesel Generators for Sale from the UK

Diesel generators are incredibly useful machines that can be used by homeowners and business owners alike. Their ability to provide backup electricity when power cuts strike is second to none. This provides owners with both emotional reassurance as well as direct benefits.

Every type of diesel generator we stock is capable of providing a highly reliable prime or standby power supply. Our gensets also come online very quickly in the event of mains power failures (power cuts). Given our intense quality control, there's no doubt that a diesel generator will be a winning addition to your home or business.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Generator

Silent Diesel Generators

Noise levels are one of the few potential stumbling blocks that you may face. However, a silent diesel generator will soon overcome this issue. As the name suggests, they run very quietly. This is thanks to close-fit sound-reducing canopies, so that you can continue with your work or leisure without any distractions.

Silent options are very popular in commercial settings. Our range of silent, enclosed generators are available with extras, such as additional sockets/distribution boards, fuel tanks, control panel upgrades, ATS panels, service contracts & more, making it even easier to find a model suited to your specific requirements.

How Generator Sound Attenuation Works

Open Diesel Generators

Open generators are most commonly used in industry as their lack of noise cancellation can be distracting for home usage. However, they are capable of providing huge amounts of power at 1500 rpm. Therefore, they are very useful when running lots of machinery & equipment on-site.

With open generators, it's also easy to add a wide range of options from circuit breakers to entire acoustic enclosures. This enables our team to provide you with the perfect solution for your unique requirements.

Home Generators

In most cases, home generators do not need to provide a huge amount of power. The vast majority of houses run on a single phase electricity supply, any of our 3 phase generators can be converted to a single phase output by our team of expert electrical engineers. Whether you need remote electricity for power tools or a unit capable of whole-house backup electricity during a power outage, our experts can help you find the perfect diesel genset for your application.

After all, businesses are likely to have resources dedicated to restoring a power cut. As a homeowner, you're more likely to be at the mercy of the energy suppliers.


"Genset" is a commonly used term that is simply short for "generator set". More specifically, it covers diesel generators that combine a diesel fuel engine with an electric generator that rotates and generates power. They can be open or enclosed with any combination of engine & 50Hz or 60Hz alternator.

As with home generators, gensets is a term used to cover many of the types already mentioned. Just be sure that you are getting a reliable machine from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Standby Diesel Generators

Standby power generators are an ideal source of backup energy for the home. And particularly for those that have solar panels and live off-grid. When mains electricity is temporarily lost, one of these will get your home systems back up and running almost immediately, providing that the generator has an electric / auto start control panel, ATS Panel and a ready fuel supply.

A standby diesel generator can also be utilised by businesses that cannot afford a drop in power even for a few minutes. Power capacities can vary massively depending on the exact model you opt for.

Emissions-Compliant Generators

Emissions-compliant diesel engines are a legal requirement for generators for mobile applications including events and temporary building sites.

We stock a reliable selection of generators with diesel engines that comply with current emissions regulations. They are capable of handling power loads for long periods, even as the primary source of electricity.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Diesel Generator?

The type and power output of a chosen diesel generator system isn't the only key factor to consider. The choice of manufacturer is also important, and the power provided by each model will influence the capabilities as well as the costs. Furthermore, extra accessories can be supplied bespoke to your requirements.

Generator Sizing Guide
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If you can't find the ideal diesel generator for sale from the uk for your needs on this page, get in touch and we'll source your perfect generator direct from the manufacturer. Our expert customer service team is happy to discuss our selection of generators with you and help find the perfect solution for your prime or standby generation requirements. They are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (GMT) via phone or email.

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